Mating rituals of the space adventurer

I wanted to try submitting something to that Moonbase Alpha themed contest but found out it was already over. So I’ll place this here.

well this lacks any effort on lighting and prop/choice map quality

Not exactly thread-worthy IMO.

Okay, yeah, I agree. In retrospect this really wasn’t thread worthy at all.

Mind if I throw this in the video anyways? I’m short by about one image and I really don’t feel like hopping back into gmod to pose again.

why did you use Samus of all people, there’s better choices than Smamus.

That’s fine.

She’s the only model I had at the time that I considered appropriate for the scene.

Is that an attempt at an excuse or are you actually being serious?

I was only really intending to make a quick scene, didn’t want to go and download a new model purely for the sake of it. I needed a sci-fi spacesuited girl. Samus was what I had. I went with it.

I missed your stuff!