Matrix APU

Like that one but without the Captain in the seat

Can anyone say if this will happen?

Hey, I had this a while ago :smiley:

So nobody is going to do this?

Sadly no.

I also would like to see that thing.

Any chance anyone could remake the Half Life 1 Model in Half Life 2 looking style?


Like Ragdoll and Higher Resolution Textures?

That or tell me how to?

May be getting annoying but can someone do this please, i mean we have the Half Life 1 model it just needs to be ported rigged and re-textured, but i don’t know how to do any of them.

I can port it but I cannot rig it or re-texture it (Whatever you mean by that)

I think rig meaning like ragdoll like source thing and re-texture like higher resolution.

If your port it to source could you upload to somewhere and pm the download link to me?

I’ll find someone who can re-texture and ragdoll it.