Mats and models into gmod

Hey, im sorry if others has asked this already, but here it goes

I own gmod on 1 account, and hl2: ep2 on the other (yes its dumb but i have my reasons(plus more games))

so how do i get materials (textures) and models into gmod just so i can see the stuff, not spawn the props, just see them, it involves like gcfscape or something like that,

is it possible? or, btw ive looked on google and asked a few friends and such, i didnt really get anything, so anyway.

You can’t. It needs to be on the same account, 80% of the time the method you’re trying to do doesn’t work.

O.O you answered quickly. Ive seen somethings i dont know the way but i know it isnt hard (even though i dont know it) or should take long, guess ill wait to see if anyone else answers, i dont take a answer and accept it the first time, i get opinions from lots of people

Hrmm, I think that you could extract all the materials and models from Half-Life 2 Episode 2 using GCFEscape, and then paste all that in the respective gmod folders… but I’m not sure if that will conserve data integration and program structure.

k, ill try it, if all else fails then w/e.

No…the GCFScape method works pretty much all the time. Just remember to put the files in the right place. You won’t have the spawnlists, but at least the models will show.

Pretty much a case of opening the Ep2 GCF, and transferring the sounds, models, materials, maps and whatever else is normally used to your Garrysmod directory, making sure to merge the folders.


Fuckin’ ninjutsu going on here.

kk thanks a lot guys, im having a problem extracting the files to the steam folder, i cant get to the steam directory, also i dont know where to extract the folders to, inside of the gmod/gmod? or inside of them gmod/gmod/folder name (mats models etc.)

If you select the models folder inside the Ep2 GCF, then just drag it into the garrysmod/garrysmod folder, it should go into the right place. The same with the other folders. It might take some time due to the immense size of the content.

okay, nvm i can get to the directory, i went thru program files, steam, then apps, my username, gmod then gmod and hit materials, then hit okay, or did i just have to just open the last gmod folder?


just so you all know im using this information for gmodtower, i cant get on the server but i want to be prepared when i can!!!


oh, i see hl2 ep2, materials, maps, and content, but wheres models? is content the models?