"Matt Dawn"

No idea what passes for feasible here, but here goes.

I.E. Matt is a robot from a fictional story, who most obviously wears a somewhat kind of parade jacket with collar and a blue cap, has a grayish tanish face-plate with attached sunglasses. I’m concerned because there’s not many existing models that can even be ported or complied for this, but I’m terrible at modeling and this is the only place I thought to come for help.



He looks like he’s wearing a civil war uniform.

It was said to be an “old timey police uniform”, but I was never able to find any real references. What you’ve said is more accurate imo.

So you want us to make everything from scratch, rig everything from scratch, and add bones (can you guess what from?) all for free?

Wasn’t my idea, i’ll go ask him if he’s willing to pay
or something.

For concepts these dont do much justice, none of them show the full body, and all of them are front or angle views
there needs to be a front/side/back view of the full body and detailed more on the head, for a good modeling reference.