MatteHUD | Clean and Simple DarkRP HUD


I did not know that there is another HUD that looks just like the one I made. He deserves all the credit!!!

I’m going to have to agree with SF staff on this one – I looked through the code, and while it may have taken you a bit of time to do this; people who do this on a regular basis would have executed it within hours. It’s great you’re getting into Lua, and I wish you the best, but to sell something on ScriptFodder, you’re going to have to put features into it that give it the “Wow factor”.

When you say features, what exactly do you mean. Like ULX support or what? Config stuff?

It would be interesting if you had an in-game config for players to customize the HUD to their own liking. (color, positioning, etc)

Thats actually a pretty cool idea. Like a Derma panel config? For position, color and other stuff

turns out it was his own code. Whoops lmao.

I did base my overhead off ICE, but I had no idea about that other HUD. I thought I made something new. Ill remove all this. Thanks for letting me know though

classic facepunch


Based on his posting history, I’d say he put a lot of effort into this considering all of the help threads he made. There are tons of releases here that are copies of ScriptFodder scripts(the design/idea, not the actual code). Why hate on someone releasing their own work? It seems he coded everything himself.

If it was his own code, then I’m all for it, but he attempted to use two different designs (intentionally or unintentionally) and sell it on ScriptFodder. That’s the only reason I can really see why he was ripping into him.

This hud has a good design in screenshots :smiley: