Mattias Nilson player model :D

So i believe Mattias would be a great player model for gmod :smiley: he was a psycho anyway in mercenaries so he would be perfect for gmod :smiley: Anybody willing to extract it and make it a player model pllllssss …come on i know everybody wants to play a Sweed psychopath who looks like a viking xD lol

Is anybody willing to make this player model of epicness? xD

You mean that someone should actually buy the game, try porting the model from the game, rig the model and add animations to it so that you can have it as a player model?

Sounds like a fair waste of one’s time.

I would suggest maybe paying for the copy for the porter, and for their time.

FFS people! chill down i am not pointing a gun at someones head! if he is willing to do it and he is interested he will… i am not forcing anybody!!! jeeez you dont have to be so negative… and if someone is willing to make it for a small amount of money its fine by me… :confused: seriously