Matt's Map Reviews

This is my new website for those of you who care. I created the website so it could be an accurate and reliable source for information on maps, addons, and servers, so you don’t have to sift through a huge pile of crap every time you wanted a good map, a good addon to try out, or a good server to play on. I will be reviewing Maps, Addons, and Servers. Check weekly to see new updates as they come out. Post ideas for map reviews, addon reviews, or server reviews.

Heres the link:


Weebly :saddowns:

Also, you don’t seem to go in depth into the maps, you just go “This map is really good, download it.”

I cant share your comment about this Tepholman.

It was simple to find on your site, I checked the map list, not many right now but really good to see like if it matches my server, many houses and things. And that future map was actually very interesting.

Thanks for sharing this site!

Hm, maps look pretty epic.

Nice work

I checked it out after garry posted and was quite surprised


It’s ok, the maps are nice.

Nice, looking forward to some more!

Very good indeed.

Also, before I forget, can I ask you to review our server here at MLP? I would really like some feedback and ways to improve. The best time to play would be tomorrow (Friday) night as it is at it’s prime.
Owner: CodeRed (Not me, i’m just a super admin)
P.S. Forgot to mention it’s a RP server.

I second this