[Mature/EU] NEW 2/18[PvP][Sleeper][Share][Kit][Oxide][AD][Admins

Hello fellow survivors!

We’re a very fresh server, started February 18th, you’re welcome to join us!

To join the server open up your console by pressing F1, then copy/paste the following: net.connect

Our server is currently utilizing the following features:

*Anti Cheat system
*Group mods
*Stats rankings & K/D ratio
*Starter kits
*Door Sharing
*Location mod

We hope to see you ingame, feel free to ask our admins anything regarding the servers status.

Really great server, would love to see more people ehere :slight_smile: No admin abuse, friendly people and a nice server overall

Just joined this server, nice and fresh and love having all the commands. A friendly bump for you! :wink:

Thanks alot Soko, can see that you are still playing:) Hope you stay

Bump, few more players for first airdrop! come join us guys

Admins abusing

Spawning in airdrops

Please stop lying to misscredit the server