Mature group needed

Im looking for a more mature group of players to team up with. im tired of getting teamed with snot nosed kids haha. i have 395 hours on rust so far. i love this game but am sick of going solo or teaming up with some random kid on a server. usually i play the loner with random shacks all over the map since i usually play solo and any base i would make just would get raided by groups of people. i can get pretty far and collect enough stuff to make it on my own but i would love to join a group of older players, 20+ maybe.

so if you have a clan or group like this and wouldnt mind one more let me know!

I am a 17 year old that would like a 17+ group as well, I am tired of squeakers and greedy noobs :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo are you the redbeard i played with on xcal’s server? Either way, im 17 and ill join you if you want.

Hey we have a group of mature players who are very active. Check us out at

yea man im 21 and im the youngest out of the community I play with. most of them are Scottish but there still cool as ice. message me back and I can give you teamspeak info and where we are playin atm.

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steam name is dremack

Well I joined up with the NWO clan and so far I really like all the people I have played with on the Bravo squad. If anyone else is looking for a mature group come join us!