Mature US Server - No C4

This isn’t my server, but I mod and admin it. It was started a couple days ago. We need more people.

  1. Mature - Immature chat and griefing will not be tolerated.

  2. No C4 - You have a job, a family, etc. It’s stupid that you have to build a base with fifty doors to attempt to have your things when you log back in the next evening. With no C4, just make a secure building with a metal door, and you’re good. When metal is more durable, we’ll re-introduce explosive charges.

  3. No advanced tech - No kevlar, no weapons more advanced than pistols. Newer players aren’t so far behind people that have been on the server longer.

  4. Active admins - Three total admins, average age of 40, that use their power only for good.

If you’d like to check it out, press F1 at the server selection screen. Type in the following and hit enter: