Mausoleum map

So I’ve built a mausoleum, but can’t decide how to fill the rest of the void.


A creepy metal fence and maybe some tomb stones on some dead grass.

By the way, the mausoleum looks really nice, I like the textures.


Except on the “roof” textures (that gray-two black lines patern) on the two small stairs in the front, it looks really out of place.

It’d be awesome if you could go into it and there’s a tunnel leading down into a giant underground maze-like necropolis.

Wow now that’s really nice also add a skybox too and it will look better and change it tonight time so it gets a really creepy look too
add some fences displacements and maybe some lighting in side the building also add some of the leafless hl2 trees
also Add some crows too
I know this is a lot but it will make your map
look really good