maver1k_XVII model packs

In this thread I will be releasing my packs with models ported or ripped from different games (and of course all credits except of porting goes to their developers).

Model pack 01 v1.0

Most of models ported from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro 2033.
Full list of models with skins and bodygroups is in the readme.

I like that AK but don’t those crates seem a little useless considering they’re no different than HL2 ones?

I love you.

Thank you!

It has the S.T.A.L.K.E.R feeling to it, nice.

Some of that stuff looks like it’s from Metro 2033.

Thank you!:slight_smile:

Nice pack, got any more of the big stuff ready for release?

I tried out the pack, its very good indeed.
I’d like to see more Stalker masks in later releases.

Very good, needs moar Stalker stuff, though.

I see a LOKI mech in there.

Suh-weet! Nice model pack.

How come the Double Barrel shotgun is purpleblack checkers though?

thanks! good model pack

Very nice… thanks much maver1k


Needs more Metro 2033 gas masks in my opinion.

Looks cool, i would of downloaded it if it had more content… sowwy :frown:

Agreed. :frown:

it IS from metro 2033

I wish the artifacts didn’t look like utter shit in Source, then I could work on compiling those for Source, but since STALKER uses fancy shaders to make them look cool, I can’t make the textures look good, so they’re not even worth it. :<