mav's awesome build rp!

We’re a new community, formerly NeonMonkeys’ Build RP. We use a DarkRP as our base gamemode and have done extensive work on top of it. We believe in fairness and quality of gameplay, without restricting too much in the way of building.

We’ve only been up for about 3 months, but we’re already climbing the charts, currently at 51st on!

Server Features:

  • custom HUD with large, readable text
  • custom character menu (F1)
  • 3D2D information on (almost) all entities
  • custom “jobs”, sweps and entities
  • lots of bug fixes

Player Ranks:
User: 25 props, limited tools
Trusted: 50 props, E2 and advanced duplicator access
Respected: 75 props, votekick, votemute, votemap access
Silver Donor: 100 props, noclip, ragdoll
Gold Donor: 100 props, noclip, ragdoll, /cp, /mayor, afk kick immunity, other fun goodies!

Game Storyline: None yet, not really very big on the serious rp. :slight_smile:

Some new features we’re working on:

Come in and join the fun!

ahh i remember Neon.
Gave me respected back then.