Maw Castle Wars

Don’t even say the magic “WUT BOUT DEVINITY 2” sentence. I’m working my ass on it.

Maw Castle Wars
The gamemode is a simple team based gamemode created as a weekend project to get my lua skills back up. I had trouble, as I took a month off the computer due to exams. There are 2 teams. The attackers, who will attempt to destroy a tall tower before the time runs out, and the Defenders, who stop the invaders from destroying the tower.

The gamemode is designed for over 4 players. Defenders will be able to build barricades and propably other things in the future, the attackers are able to use siege weapons to destroy the tower. Each round lasts 15 minutes.

Words of Advice: TEAMPLAY is important in this gamemode.

-High FPS rate.
-Runs MawBase. Camera systems, chat etc is there.
-Catapults and siege weapons.
-Custom models and contents.
-Traps and classes.
-Pet Bird <3
-[Archievements] maybe?

State of Progress
I have spend a total of 11 hours on the entire gamemode from the video in the media section.
It is pretty complete, I had a quick public test recently with a bunch of suggestions I will go and apply at the moment.

C = Defender’s build menu
Mouse wheel = Zoom in and out.


The Maw - Everything…

This looks interresting, where can I try it?

How can I help?
I am in current need of mappers, who knows how to properly make a fine map. Send me a PM and I will zip the VMF file of the map in the video.

Why are you working on smaller gamemodes?
Because I feel like I haven’t made anything for ages. I want to quickly give players a taste of what I can do in such a short time. I consider it a challenge to push myself to make a gamemode this quick.



Awesome! :smiley:

I can map, and coincidentally i have made a castle map recently. ( if you want to see, it’s here ) Obviously that won’t do as that’s for TTT.

Just explain to me how I would map for this, and i might be interested. It looks fun, i think giving everyone hl2 crossbows would be better.

What’s the mapname so i can look for it on server list?

also still playing wintnersurvival settlment here

Search on the list for gamemode: [L]Castle Wars
It’s a home hosted server and it’s only online a few times a day. It may or may not be passworded due to testing issues.

Expected to launch the gamemode to public at any time today or tomorrow.

2 people on right on. Come play! We wanna try it out! :smiley:

Sassilization catapult(s:SetModelScale()) with the same animations?

Compare the two models and you will find a difference between the two models. I did all the models for this gamemode myself. Believe it or not, you can ask Sassafrass himself if you must.

Looks very similar to sass catapult with out the flag, Kinda looks very boring no offense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks to me like you should read the first post again!
Maw would not say he created the gamemode and content if he didn’t.
The credits are there for a reason.

How do you post in cool frames like hes doing?

Edit: Sorry if this is off topic, searched but couldn’t find anything

[release]Edit: Figured it out, its “[ release]” and “[/release ]” thanks mcormack1994[/release]

it’s a good gamemode, but i think the gameplay still needs some work,
i have a few suggestions for it
Engineers should be tweaked a bit,when there’s more than one on the defending side, the limit gets used up quickly
should show transparent prop before you place it so you can see where it’s going
and should change the build system from (if enemy is within certain range, cant place) to (hit structure a few times to build it), otherwise the catapults can effectively out-range the thing that (i think) is supposed to effectively counter them
perhaps change the engineer build limit from a global amount to a local amount to each player? and just make the engineer weaker in other areas (atm it’s a decent warrior too) perhaps make turrets much weaker to account for it? hate having to share those limits

also this is a big one!!
remove the minimum 4 person for a round to start thing! otherwise someone joins, 2 people join then just get bored and leave because the game wont start, there’s no reason for people to wait around doing nothing, waiting for more people to join!
i understand that you want 4 people for a fuller gameplay, but without a game for the original players to play, you will rarely get that many people to start a game

Excellent ideas. I realized this gamemode ain’t as fun as my other gamemodes. It’s just a quick practice after being gone for so long.

Well considering you already voted against Devinty 2…


Guess the server has been taken down, you stopping work on the gamemode then?

I stopped when the gamemode was put up. It is one of the small gamemodes that I quickly make as a practise. JokerIce hosts the server.

The server will be going back up soon, the server ip will be different though.

I wish this was on some US server, but still great work nonetheless.

Does this mean release? If it does where can i get it? :o