Max and Monica from Dark Cloud 2

I would like to request Max (in his green overalls and brown hat.)

And Monica (in her normal outfit)

from Dark Cloud 2, I love that game. and if you have the time i would really love Max’s first wrench and Monica’s first sword please. (if you’ve played the game then you know i mean the sword and outfit she first uses out of the castle after her father dies)

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Anyone? please. they will be ragdolls by the way. you could just rip the model and give it bones.

I never EVER expected anyone to request these. I’ll support this.

I love this game. I also support

thanks guys, but i need someone to rip them and rig them, know anyone?


also i never EVER expected anyone else ever played this game, it was so good but got no fame


is it too hard to rip?

No. Its not hard, its just that no one is willing to do it cause a majority of people (including me, no offense) think this is stupid. Cause the bodys of how they look [too cartoony]. The fact that they won’t blend or even look good into any source game is another reason. I’m not saying its a bad idea, some people like this game, but its FP - lots of people have bad opinions. I think its going to turn out like the code gueass thread with the huge body girl character. I’m not supporting this, but I’m just telling you some reasons why no one is willing to rip. I hope you all understand.

Well, if it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

It’s not gonna kill me.

This was requested half a year ago, I was gonna do it but due to me having the ill fated windows shitsta I can’t even rip from pcsx2, otherwise these would be ported by me now since I’m also a fan of dark cloud(known as dark chronicle here) If anyone can somehow get the model grabbed frm pcsx2 using either 3vidia or dx ripper send them my way and i’ll happily rig them.

i wish i knew how to rip, and had the game with me… sadly, i lost it

I have a copy of XP, but I’m missing a copy of Dark Cloud 2, unfortunately. I have been thinking about getting it sometime, so next time I get a chance to head out to the game store and hope for the slim chance of them having a copy of it, I’ll grab it. Oh and by they way, The two games aren’t connected to each other to the point that I’d be confused if I played the 2nd game without knowledge of everything past the first 3 hours of Dark Cloud 1?

Basically, yes.

Dark Cloud 1 and 2 are so different, that it’s basically a whole different game, with some features carried over.

Well, you can fight the Dark Genie in Dark Cloud 2, but that’s not till the very end, he’s an extra boss.

which most people don’t fight anyway because you beat the game before you fight him

oh, man! is some one really going to make this??
I sure hope so! I love Dark Cloud 2!