Max ASS Mod Admins for OC ASSMod Help

How can I change the max ass mod owners from 1 to 2 on OC ASS’s ass mod menu? If you need it, it is here on this thread by the creator. I need help because I am trying to get someone to get owner as well, but it won’t work It just makes him SA only. Please help.

Tip: Don’t make anyone owner, that is basically Super Admin, but with the power to screw up the server. If he isn’t up for just SA, tell him that he’s being an arrogant a-hole and demote him. :v:

Give him SA and then an “Co-Owner” rank in the forums (if you have any). Also, you should maybe look into the opportunity to add a new rank such as a co-owner to assmod. Look around the files, mate.