Max download size

What is the max file size for map that you can download from server, i mean like how can be the file big till it will show “missing map: gm_ps_hugeflatconstruct_svn”
I have FastDL

I think net_maxfilesize “64” is the highest you can send from the server.
From a Fast-DL I downloaded gm_mobenix_v3_final from my fast-dl last night and the file for that is 116MB



Because when people join my server and i have it on flatgrass2008 it shows ‘missing map’. Can i fix this?

If the map is over 64MB you can’t do anything about it

The gm_flatgrass2008 isn’t over 64mb

Well this problem as i see can’t be solved even i contacted more people, even an support. I think it’đ problem with fastdl.

It’s because that map is in addons folder.
on server it’s in garrysmod/addons/gm_flatgrass2008/maps/gm_flatgrass2008.bsp

However when server tries to send it, it sends it as if it was in garrysmod/maps/gm_flatgrass2008.bsp
(As far as the server is concerned addons/gm_flatgrass2008 does not exist)
Hence the download will fail.

If you were to move it out of addons and place it into garrysmod directory (where folders with same name exist), then the server would send it fine.
Although at 23.5MB for the map players might get a bit bored of waiting for it to download from a server due to it’s limited speed (20KB/s I think)

I discovered this before you told me but anyway thanks :wink: