Max file size?

Is there a max file size? I’ve tried to upload something that is 362MB big. And now repetitively, the tool has “hanged” so I guess its compressing? And then it stops to hang and nothing happens, in which I can press the ‘Finish’ button again. No kick back to page one and no fake uploading bar.

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Hmm, just split it into about 2 180mb addons - now it seems to be uploading. I think the max size is 200MB

Correct, if it freezes it’s because it is compressing.

Searched around and found this.

Not sure if it’s still the same max size since the post is from June but it probably is the same.
Keep in mind that this is the max file size of the compressed file (not the original size).
I’ve uploaded workshop addons around 300MB (uncompressed).

Think we should still be glad that we don’t share the same max size as the TF2 workshop.
It’s apparently 10 MB.

what the hell? nobody told me this

now i can upload jorpakko in one part

Yeah max size is 100mb compressed.

I’m seeing average compression of about 70% from the lzma compression, so that gives you around 300mb max on disk size. But that obviously depends on what you’re compressing.