Max Health Not Working

I recently started using an addon with stim kits and bacta bombs, and one thing I noticed is that even though I set the Max Health for certain jobs to be like 2500 or 5000 is that when they are in the game, full 2500 health and someone throws a bacta grenade at them, their health is reset to 0.

In my jobs file I have this:

Why wont this work? Am I doing this wrong?

My guess is that the Bacta Bomb instead of using CTakeDamage it just takes the Max Health and Health and does some math magic, but without the code I’m not sure. Another reason could be that SetMaxHealth for some reason is a slow function, you set it and it will take sometimes seconds, other times minutes to update, I’m not sure why it does that, for example if you SetMaxHealth and then check with GetMaxHealth it will not give the one you set, so probably SetHealth will show 7500 clientside, but serverside it’s still 100 because SetHealth is both clientside and serverside. Just try testing around with what I said, I am sure some spaghetti code is involved, but I can’t be sure without seeing the code for Bacta Bombs.