"Max... its time"



"you can come to me now max… i’m waiting for you…"

max would never kill himself, sorry. he’s way too badass.

yeah i know… but now he did… in my pic :wink:

He certainly wouldn’t kill himself to Ave Maria, either. The soundtrack to his death is his own inner monologue.

well i would :suicide:

Should have bullettime dodged his own bullet.

man what a fucking ending it was so brilliant

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It still holds up today

fuck now i want to play max payne again

i played it like a week ago and i still want to play it again

posted this as a facebook status:

replacing “winterson” with “she” and got a like off some random girl who i doubt has ever played a video game in her life (apart from that one time i beat her at fifa). LOL max payne 2 is some deep relatable shit

Max’s reaction to Max Payne 3.


some how i knew the music would be ave maria right when i saw the pictures.

i didnt look at the text saying “ave maria - grazia” on the video beforehand :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not that bad. At least he gets to go back to his apartment at some point.


As for the screenshot, it looks good. I love the angles, but the lighting looks too sharp in the first one.

Is that a new screenshot, or a custom pic? 'Cuz last time I checked, the new Max was bald with a beer belly…

It’s fairly old, but that’s either a flashback or the game spans several years later to when Max is bald and living in South America.