Max Overlays Reached, oh no!

Well, this really sucks ass, most of my map contains displacements and obviously decals don’t work on them, and I’ve already reached my limit in overlays.

Is there any way to boost the limit or is that just silly?

I think that’s just silly. Sorry.

How many overlays are you using? Do you really need that many?

What are they all for?

His displacements.

Clever. What are they though?

Are they trash on the floor, are they pictures of penises, what?

Not asking where they’re going, we’re asking why they’re there and what they are.

They’re mostly part of my forest, including a plane crash in the forest. So this involves leaves, dirt, trash, etc.

A majority of them are taken up obviously from leaves and dirt.

Edit: And to top that the level is long-ish.

Edit again: Here’s a picture, as you can see there is an orgy of overlays.

Decals work on displacements. Sort of. Try messing with them, if you position them right they’ll work, if the displacement is flat-ish.

Properties > Brushes faces > click on brush > apply

Don’t use overlays for dirt, use a blend texture

I guess I’ll switch back to a dirt/leaves blend instead of dirt/dirt… I just liked this dark one for around the plane crash :(.

Or you could use both for different sections

Tried that.

The ugly will burn your eyes!

Decals work fine on displacements, you’re not doing it right.

I already hit the limit of overlays in my project, the best way for me was to optimize not needed overlays, changing overlay texture so more things fit in one overlay.

They appear to only work on displacements that are 100% flat.

If you have found a way to make decals work on elevated/sloped displacements, then please share with me this technique.

They work fine for me. just get the infodecal entity as close to the displacement face as possible.

WHY are you using that many?! You know you CAN stretch overlays right?

Wouldn’t it get all low res and grosse?