Max Payne 2 Mafia/Cleaners/ Commando's

I Was wandering if someone could rip the Max Payne 2 Cleaners from Max Payne 2?
And Max,
The ones from I can’t seem to get to show up in gmod.
Is this possible?



please tell me if this is Possible!

for max payne 1 it is idk about 2

I can see the citizen cleaners fine after I put the materials and models in to an addon folder.

Try installing again, they’re better than non-face and finger posable low quality ragdolls.

I will try that.

but I mean i’ve put them everywhere possible. Garrysmod/Garrysmod
and just plain Garrysmod.

I have Materials, Models and info.txt in garrysmod/addons/Cleaners and it works out fine.

Max Payne himself from the second game was ported years ago, so it’s fully possible to do.

I was going to do a Max Payne pack with Max from both games and guns and a bunch of extra people, but his ragdolled/jiggleboned jacket is causing a problem and I’d really rather not trash that part of him so I’m kind of stuck.


Would you guys like a Max Payne pack without being able to pose his jacket? Like it will be attached to his legs and torso instead of being able to flop around.

I’d be fine with ANY max payne pack.
Just as long as it has some enemies.