Max Payne 2 PSL model

I was looking for someone who could get me a rip of this gun, as I do not have the game.

Yeah I know it’s low poly as fuck but there’s no models of this damn thing anywhere, and I’m not good enough to model a decent one, much less texture it.


Not really no models at all

Forgive me my ignorance but still- it’s just an SVD with different mag style to me)

I’m p. sure that the MP2 PSL/FPK is in this Workshop addon (, but the Ghost Recon version of the weapon is obviously better in terms of model and texture quality.

(By the way, the PSL/FPK isn’t “an SVD with different mag style”; the weapon uses the receiver of the RPK version of the AK as well as the long stroke piston used with practically every AK model in existence, thus making it an AK variant of sorts, while the SVD has some resemblance to an AK-pattern weapon but uses a different firing system and thus isn’t actually that similar to the PSL/FPK beyond the two weapons sharing the same 7.62x54mmR cartridge.)

I know about the Ghost Recon version already, but I want a version with the original wooden furniture.

The PSL is based off the Romanian AK variant while the Dragunov is a mostly separate design that shares aesthetic similarities to the AK series, and some mechanical ones.

Thanks for that link man, I don’t know how I missed this.

Wasn’t it in Kali’s mega AK pack or at least planned for it (maybe in source- Fallout NV mod)?

I planned on putting it in my AK pack, but I couldn’t find a decent model of one. None of the PSL models in the games listed on IMFDB are really worth porting and there aren’t any other models elsewhere.

Only a scratch modelled one it would seem.

Payday 2 has a PSL stock, if you want to try modelling the handguard, magazine and scope.

Thanks, but I already got the workshop version.