Max Payne 2 Weapons

I got bored so I did these in 1-2 hours work. Not much but it’s all in this old game.

Download links.



Oh nice, I remember there was some one here a long time ago but they were gone

Yay for new ones

Cool, thanks. This was done before but I think you did a better job. Good job!

Awesome possum.

We must hide this from madman.

Could you also rip the characters? Some black ops were rigged for CS:S but lost when FPSB purged anything good.

Delicious. Thanks, babe.

I can rip them but not rig them.

I’ll do it. I want to do it. Max Payne’s my love affair.

Dean I thought we had something special? D:

Sweet pack, man.

Holy shit, a bolt action rifle <3

Epic pack.

I can rig them if you provide the rip of the characters.

The Sawn-off looks awesome :pervert:.


The rest two btw.

Are these sweps or models? I am guessing models…

nice work

photo textures for realism…

good old times.
good release too.

No, I’m sry.
I can’t even rip the characters. They just won’t come into the rip. Same with Payne.

What format are the model files? as Milkshape can directly import some Max Payne files (but i’m not sure which or if its even this version).

There’s no folder with the models. So I can’t see what kind of format they’re in.