Max Payne 3 character models

Hey, this is my first (probably of many) posts on this website.

But for a few months now i have been looking for the Max Payne 3 character models and have had 0 luck finding any. So could someone kindly upload all of the character models and Textures? It doesn’t matter what model format they’re in.


I’d love to see some Max Payne 3 models around here.

You can actually grab those any time since openiv supports Max Payne 3 YDR and YDD export to 3ds max, all you need is the game and install openiv.

I am asking this because i don’t have max payne 3. If i did have it i would do it myself.

Here are a couple of ripped models, some links might be dead.

There are also some unreleased Cracha Preto models for Gmod.

Actually all of them are dead, well shit.

Im not sure how MaxPayne is structured but if it is anything like GTA V i just need all the .RPF’s/folders that have all the peds.