Max Payne 3 Models

Is anyone going to port Max Payne 3 models?

Sure, when it comes out.

I saw Ninja using something that looked a lot like a Max Payne model, but it might have just been an imitation hacked out of other parts.

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in hindsight it was probably the latter since the PC version isn’t even out yet

Don’t worry, They Will Be ported…

Also that model ninja had was a personal model.

Jacknife’s personal skin

Jax Payne :v:

OpenIV for Max Payne 3 is out. I’d love to see the DiMarcos and Punchinellos first :3

Disregard that, you can only view/export textures.

I’ve got them covered.


When proper tools are out I’ll be porting the living shit out of the game, don’t worry.

Hopefully with bodygrouped weapons.

Also, Sim, you’re gonna go for the bullets too?