Max Payne Pack #2 (GM/SFM) (aka 'Suit Payne Pack')

[h2]Max Payne Pack #2 - UPDATED MAY 11, 2013[/h2]

A bunch of Max Paynes. Technically Payne Pack #2, but I like to group some of his similar outfits together and there were a lot of suit ones with hair.

[h2]You get these:[/h2]
Max Payne 3 ragdoll (‘Bodyguard’ outfit) [sub][sub]-S -B[/sub][/sub]
**Max Payne 3 ragdoll **(Wet bodyguard outfit) [sub][sub]-S[/sub][/sub]
**Max Payne 3 ragdoll **(Club outfit) [sub][sub]-S[/sub][/sub]
**Max Payne 3 ragdoll **(Branco HQ outfit) [sub][sub]-S[/sub][/sub]
**Max Payne 3 ragdoll **(‘Bad Day Max’ outfit) [sub][sub]-S[/sub][/sub]
**Max Payne 3 ragdoll **(‘Business Casual’ outfit’) [sub][sub]-S -B[/sub][/sub]
PT92 pistol prop [sub][sub]-B[/sub][/sub]
Desert Eagle prop [sub][sub]-B[/sub][/sub]
Colt M1911 prop [sub][sub]-B[/sub][/sub]

[sub][sub][sub]-B = bodygroups available
-S = extra skins available[/sub][/sub][/sub]


-Added 11 new face flexes for all ragdolls (courtesy of Ninja_Nub - thank you!)
-Added a new skin for all ragdolls specifically for Max closing his left eye for aiming
-New detail texture
-Fixed erroneous hammer on the M1911 (thanks LurkyLurker)

Are YOU going to make a cool picture, comic, film, GIF, or sex pose with these models? Please show me whatever you make on my profile page visitor messages, or post it in this thread! I like seeing those things. Unless it’s shitty. [sub][sub]haha just kidding show me your shitty things too[/sub][/sub]

**[Grab them from the Steam Workshop right now!](**

Or grab it from Wuala! (only if you know what you’re doing. You need this version if you are using Max with SFM)

Are you looking for some other fantastic* Max Payne 3 weapons? Try ***[these!](***

[sub][sub]*are absolutely 100 percent definitely not fantastic[/sub][/sub]

**[Source files for Payne Pack #2!](**
**NOTE: The scale from Max Payne 3 (ripped using NinjaRipper) to Source is 40% smaller!**
These are the source files I used to make the models you see in this pack. These includes .vtas, .smds, .qcs, and 3DS Max 2010 scene files. (Note: does not include flexes added on May 11, 2013 because I do not feel like re-uploading the source files.)[/t][t][/t][t][/t]

More pictures by *YOU!*


Left to right:
Diet Kane, Hunterdnrc, Ninja_Nub

Left to right:
Minimole, RyanH, LurkyLurker

Left to right:
jason278, The Castro, I AM THE LAW




**[Grab Max Payne Pack #1](**
**[Grab the Tropical & Down to Business Max Payne Pack](**

**Special thanks:**
Rockstar Games
Remedy Entertainment

Dean, i love you.


Also the unused blue suit for Maxie was a Nice touch.


Dean you rock man!!!

D, this is pretty great, very nice job.

this is great
nice job

One of the best works so far I’ve ever seen.

Great pack, Dean

Courtesy of Ninja Nub.

Good job!

max is very relaxed


Great release. The weapons and unused suit texture are really nice extras. (and feel free to add my pose to the OP).

You the man, Dean. Great work again, hoping to see more HQ stuff from you. Well done! :slight_smile:

This is too payneful for me.

Also image

A pic

i’m loving this pack!
please keep up that excellent work!

Tiny update for this and the other two Payne Packs today. 11 new flexes courteously donated by Ninja_Nub, a few new ones for Classic and Old School Max of the first Payne Pack, a new skin specifically for Max closing his left eye to aim, a new detail texture, and the hammer on the M1911 is now in a correct position. Workshop should update automatically, Wuala update should be up soon.

The old school Max is awesome.

This is some scary stuff…