Max Payne Pack (GM/SFM)

[h2]Payne Pack - UPDATED MAY 11, 2013[/h2][/t]
*Weapon not included

These are 5 models from Rockstar Games’ Max Payne 3. I think they’re okay. These are my first time doing EP2 eye shaders and they’re a piece of shit. Nothing but a payne in the ass.

[h2]You get these:[/h2]
Max Payne 3 ragdoll (‘Hoboken outfit’) [sub][sub]-S[/sub][/sub]
Max Payne 3 ragdoll (‘Hoboken outfit’, with posable coat) [sub][sub]-S[/sub][/sub]
Max Payne 2 ragdoll (‘Classic outfit’)
Max Payne 1 ragdoll (‘Old School outfit’)
Max Payne GBA ragdoll (‘Advanced Max outfit’)
Bottle of Kong whiskey (plus cap) [sub][sub]-B[/sub][/sub]
Bottle of painkillers (plus cap/pill)[sub][sub]-B[/sub][/sub]

[sub][sub][sub]-B = bodygroups available
-S = extra skins available[/sub][/sub][/sub]

Are YOU going to make a cool picture, comic, film, GIF, or sex pose with these models? Please show me fucking whatever you make on my profile page visitor messages! I like seeing those things. Unless it’s shitty. [sub][sub]haha just kidding show me your shitty things too[/sub][/sub]

**[Grab this pack from the Steam Workshop right now!](**

Or grab it from Wuala! (only if you know what you’re doing. You need this version if you are using them with SFM or the uncompressed textures)



-Added 11 new face flexes for ‘Hoboken’ Max (courtesy of Ninja_Nub - thank you!)
-Added a few flexes for ‘Classic’ and ‘Old School Max’
-Added a new skin for ‘Hoboken’ Max specifically for Max closing his left eye for aiming
-New detail texture


-Updated all ragdolls with relaxed hand poses, slightly more flexibility
-Fixed ‘Hoboken’ Max’s hair, his tie physics
-Added alternate version of ‘Hoboken’ Max, now with a posable coat!


-Added neck and shoulder bones for all ragdolls
-Added some detail maps for all the ragdolls as well. Why the hell not?
-Fixed hair disappearing in dynamic light (although is now less compatible with sprites being behind the model)

Tired of harsh lighting and shadows looking like shit on the trenchcoat and face? Download THESE! (only compatible with the non-Workshop version of Hoboken Max)
Uncompressed Normal Maps

Are you looking for some fantastic* Max Payne 3 weapons? Try these!

[sub][sub]*definitely not fantastic[/sub][/sub]

Source files
NOTE: The scale from Max Payne 3 (ripped using NinjaRipper) to Source is 40% smaller!
Here are the source files I used to make MP1, MP2, and MP3 Max. 3DS Max 2010 scene files, face flex VTAs, SMDs, QCs are all included. It’s 230mb worth of files, but 7zip compressed it into 4.3mb. That’s some crazy compression.

More pictures by YOU! Sorry there’s so many. I was going to take some off because the page takes forever to load, but I don’t have the heart.

Pictures of the posable coat:

Special thanks:
Rockstar Games
Remedy Entertainment
A big fat ass

Are you looking for more Max Payne models? Grab the ‘Tropical’ and ‘Down to Business’ Maxes here! or the** ‘Suit Payne Pack’ here!**

Wonderful, nice work here.

That pixel max payne is amazing.

Great pack.

Kiss me you magnificent bastard.


Fucking kickass. Do you plan on releasing the other versions of Max in the future?

Thou is grateful for good release

I doubt it, but that’s precisely why I included the source files.

Awesome release, Dean

I found a slight bug, it’s not bothering me but you might wish to know, Whenever you move Max’s head. His eyes move too. like His eyes don’t look straight on all the time they move along with his head if you get me.

I got some screenshots…[/t]

Yeah, that’s the stupid fucking EP2 eyes. I don’t know how to fix them, so I may upload a forced update to revert back to the HL2 eyes tomorrow if it is really bothersome.

That’s alright dude, It’s not really bugging me, I can use the eye poser to fix them, I just thought you should have known about it. :v:

Yes, yes, this will do quite well.

I love you so much right now

Great release, dean.

luv u dean

heya, thanks for the great release!
there are indeed some minor issues anyways which i’d like
to see changed in the future. don’t get me wrong, i’m not
want to be disrespectful nor ungrateful but pointing out
some things that really bother me:

-why no posable coat on gmod version? (can’t really make dynamic poses with a stiff coat)
-lack of shoulder posing (!would be important for certain poses!)
-maybe one more stomach bone (of course optional - would be nice to have one more on the model though)

apart from that it’s a friggin’ cool release! and don’t get me wrong on that. just some suggestions! i have much respect for you’re work! thank you!

This just made my day man. This is one of the most glorious model ports I have ever seen, and for that I thank you.

Holy moley, this is great. Well done, Dean!!

That Classic Max just looks so damn smug. c:<

Very nice work.