Max Payne; rock bottom.

It’s days like these when I wish my SourceSDK (Hammer) was working… I miss making maps, but I guess scenebuilds are close enough! Haha.

Scenebuild made on Gm_Construct.

1080p version[/thumb]

Behind the scenes

Comments and Criticism are welcome as always!

Passos was right.

Max really gave this place a great lived in feel.

it’s Awesome.


Max adapted quite well to his new life in the Metro.

That’s very pretty

Is it wrong if i, at first, expected Max to be delivering a rock bottom to a jabroni?

It is my room. Thanks, Putin.

this is great!

Appreciate some of the feedback. Is there anything I can do to improve my scenebuilds? Always looking to improve, so your feedback goes a long way!

The detail is impressive. Love to see work that have been given effort.
I would have done the light different, but still… splendid work:smile:


This is a new wallpaper, I collect them :v:

Thanks for the feedback! But I’m curious, how would you have done the lighting? Any tips I can use to improve my lighting?

Was thinking post edit. Highlights on metal edges. You got a lot of options on your pose here.
Use multiply layers and apply diffuse glow in a program like Photoshop. Then you can erase and
adjust the “shine” as you see fit. Try it out. Is a very nice way to improve the image.

Just duplicate the basic layer, and you can experiment and work freely. When you get the hang of it,
you will see it is a nice way to give more depth to your work.

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Did a quick edit. Was thinking more along the line of this. Overdid it a bit to show you the effect that can be achieved.
Gives the light more depth and volume. And working in layers, you can erase and add the glow to any part of the pose you want.
A real edit takes time, but I hope this gives you a general idea of what I am talking about.

That’s a fucking beautiful scenebuild. Keep that shit up.

that looks genuinely hideous and is super unnecessary

Do you edit everything the exact same way?

What are all those models from?

yeah and that’s why your pics sucks dicks and his doesn’t


Not gonna lie.

That looks fucking atrocious.

there went all the detail of the pose