Max Payne's encounters in space

max is out to avenge his robo family

How did he even have a child in the first place if his dick is made of metal?

This robot suit kills the entire storyline to Max Payne.

He’s making that face because he can’t breathe

“Life was good. A house on Side-6. The smell of fresh rocket fuel. The sounds of ships taking off. A beautiful wife and a baby girl. The Zeonic dream come true. But dreams have a nasty habit of going bad when you’re not looking.”

“My Gundam suit felt like I was some kind of viking warrior god, soaring through outer-space with practiced bravado.”

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This pose is approved and certified.

He’s actually squinting to see the point of why his face was put on a mobile suit, but he just can’t.


Pffft hahah awesome!

Zeon is gonna be needing some Paynekillers.

“Char Aznable, just the man I’m killing to see.”