Max problem: material applying to multiple objects!

well, I have a model made up of 3 objects, its a hammer so it has the head, the handle and a grip at the bottom. All has been well in the past, but now when I apply a material to the grip, it also gets applied to the head of the hammer, which is really inconvenient, I was just wondering if I’ve pressed a button or something by accident. Your help would be appreciated. thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s a picture if it makes it any easier.

Oh by the way im using 3ds max 9.

no one knows what’s wrong with it ?

Just select the faces that you want to apply the texture to, then apply it.

ah thanks.

much better. =]

Looks ok, but I would add some more verts on the handle.

it’s for a mod, and if all goes well, should be held with two hands, so hopefully you wont be able to see it.

Can I see a wireframe view? Because that head looks pretty high-poly.


Oh wow. Looked like it had heaps more polygons than that. Nice job.

haha :smiley: thanks.

Those textures look pretty sweet too.

you did them you fanny. xD

But yes they do.

I hate those textures to be completely honest. I feel like the handle should be made of a dull wood that has less of a grain appearance in it. Make it look like a sturdy old tree branch.
Also, the cloth around the bottom part should be made to look more like a cloth, rather than a dark tar-covered piece of fabric.

But my idea of what it should look like is only if it was a giant war hammer.

the mod is in early stages, if we cannot get an animator, its going to have to be run off the crowbar animations, which is going to look very unrealistic i suppose. and neither of us can animate.
bit of a bummer really…

Animating isn’t too hard. If you picked up modelling easily, then it won’t take too long for you to learn to animate.

i guess il have a look at it :slight_smile: i just imagined it to be very complicated and frustrating.

It’s actually quite the opposite. You basically position your object then move the time slider and the object, set a new keyframe and it will fill in what happened in between.
Of course, it takes a fair bit of practice to get something that looks fluid and natural, but you learn over time.

how about hands ?

What about them?

are they harder to animate ?