Max Server Players - New Project

What is the current MAX Players on a Garry’s Mod Server?

I have found that, if set to 128, shows “-128/-128”.

And, is there a way to “raise” that limit.

I wouldn’t do that

im just wondering, plus. im building my own box to be shipped to a datacenter, 16 core 4ghz.

64GB ram.

i think the hardware doesn’t matter when you reach a certain limit.

even with a multithreading mod?

You mean running like 3 servers at once?

no, i meant Multi-core. sorry. (because currently SRCDS only runs on one core.)

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found out 100 works, let me try higher.

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127 Works! Woot.

Nah, as far as i know source servers doesnt support multi-core.

If you can mod srcds to run multicore with stability then you’re a god.

I’d pay for that, truly I would :frowning:

You could probably hack it to utilise several threads but to achieve proper utilisation of multiple threads, I’d agree

I’m not sure.

I know Valve attempted to get one running before but failcaked. It really is a shame though, given the state of hardware these days. Servers are aiming for cores over power per core.
That coupled with the fact SRCSD has to be one of the most used game server hosting apps I can think of. Minecraft, Arma2 (due to the silly boom of dayz hosts) and SRCSD the 3 most popular I can think of.
And out of those only srcds doesn’t multithread :frowning:

127 players works fine, maybe valve changed some variable from unsigned to signed.

Depends, one of the cheaper new E5 chips focuses more on ghz than cores, same with all of the old E3’s.

Besides, you could just throw a srcds server on an i7. No need for ECC RAM as a flipped bit isn’t going to cause anything serious.

128 works fine. You just need a really powerful CPU and optimized gamemode for it.

I think sass deathrun at the time was on the X3400 series - could be wrong. The more recent CPUs are definitely getting the power needed to run 128 slots lagless. The E3-1290 V2 would be your best bet if you’re serious about it.

Win the lottery before trying to get a E3-1290 V2…

Wasn’t there a mod that allowed you to run up to 255 players on a server?

Found it there :
It seems to be broken because of a source update, there’s a TF2 version here : but I don’t know if it works with Garry’s Mod. It indeed increase the player limit to 255 players on a server, but I doubt the server will be stable with that number of players, especially on Garry’s Mod.

Considering it runs like shit with even 128 players, why would someone assume 255 would work any better. Pretty much anything over 60 players starts to get laggy even in the lightest of gamemodes.

128 doesnt work “out of the box”, server will display slots as “-128 / -128”.

128 does work out of the box if you set the max visible players.