Hi, I’ve found a problem with a map (rp_sectorc_beta) that wasn’t here before. Indeed the map have lot of problems with sounds, for example when you open the door it doesn’t make any sounds, some loop sounds doesn’t occur, some event sounds doesn’t play.

After some research I’ve found that it was due to MAX_CHANNELS (here : and here: )
So after some research(again) in my own map which have the same problem (I placed a lot of bipbip sounds for computers), I found that is was due to loop sounds that were “stocked” as channel even if you don’t hear them. (my map) (rp_sectorc_beta)

In these pictures you can see that I’m REALLY too far from any sounds but loop sounds are still as channel on the top right hand corner.

So if there are any solutions to make “Max Audible Distance” work for loop sounds that would be VERY cool. Or any other solutions.

Here is a video which shows the problem [video][/video]

if anyone agree, disagree or think I’m dumb tell me please

I believe there is a limit to the max amount of sounds allowed in a map. You may need to remove some.

I don’t think there is a limit, you can put 666 sounds if you want and activate them one by one

I UP this topic because I still have the problem.

I have found this problem on this map before. Easiest way to solve is to use the command “stopsound” in console. If your using it on a server it’s best to write a script to run the “stopsound” command when you join.
For some reason the sounds work after the command has been run.

Place this code in your “garrysmod/lua/autorun/server”

function stopsoundscript( ply )
    ply:ConCommand( "stopsound" )
hook.Add( "PlayerInitialSpawn", "stopthesund", stopsoundscript )

I know how to stopsound.
I just don’t know why there is this problem even if a year ago there wasn’t any problem.