Maximise FPS in GMod with a crap card

What’s up everyone, as of right now I’m a tad tight on money, and I cannot afford a new graphics card. I’ve got one in mind, the 9800 from nVidia, but I’d also need a new PSU so it’d work. Until I get that card in a couple months, I’m requesting any ways to get as much out of the current card I have (8500GT). So far, I’ve done this to try to get optimal FPS:

Using Game Booster
Realtime Priority on GMod
Overclocked the 8500 as much as I could
All graphics settings on low

Is there anything else I can do to keep away from my current 15-20 FPS I’m getting? Thanks =]

What’s your CPU?

I’ll just give you all my specs:

3Gigs DDR2 RAM
AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core (2.2ghz) Processor
nVidia 8500GT Video Card

The rest, I have no idea. It’s all stock, I haven’t changed any of it since it was bought 4-5 months ago.

That’s your PSU, AKA power supply.
What’s your CPU?

I hope that was all you needed, in the above post. Anyone else with ideas?

What’s your monitor resolution?


My monitor doesn’t seem to like adjusting to any other size, it constantly cuts some off either the top or sides, both in game and on windows.



How many FPS you get?

First post says, And I quote:
‘15-20 FPS’

Not much if you ask me.
There is a Tweak guide out there for Half life 2, which ofcourse works with Gmod
Includes various Console commands, but if your on low then it probably won’t help.
Shouldn’t your card be able to run it?
I run 2Gb 667 ram with a Dual core 2.xghz
And a 512mb 8600gt, I can run Gmod fine with everything turned up fully.

Are you sure it’s not an overheating problem effecting it so badly?
I used to run MoH:A with lag on medium, but have a huge dustout, I could run pretty much fine on highest settings.

The card isn’t hot at all, it’s just never given me any FPS.

I have a 790Gs thats not overclocked and I get 70 FPS with everything on high and without any anti-aliasing. You sure nothings wrong iwth your card?

Ummm well if you want to find out your specs for your pc then

Click Run on the Start Menu
Then type “dxdiag” NO QUOTES ( " )
then click Save All Information and post it here

Ill read it over but for now you can try GameBooster its free but when you install it and you click “Switch To Gaming Mode” it will then ask you to chose which Backround Program do you want to close YOU NEED TO CLICK SKIP AT THAT PART OR YOUR COMPUTER WILL GO ALL FUCKED UP THEN YOU WILL NEED TO RESTART IT SO DONT CLICK “CLOSE THEM” CLICK SKIP!!! and that should give you a couple of megabytes of Ram back

try editing stuff in the nvidia control panel for performance :slight_smile:
Antialising - transparency Multisampling
Maximum pre-rendered frames 5
Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration Single display performance mode
Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample On
Texture filtering -quality Performance
Triple buffering On

All is already done, I’ve been dealing with this for a long time =P