Maxing out water quality makes everything funky

Maxing out water quality affects the rain for me :asdfghjkl;’:

Looks like your graphics card is overheating, that or it’s dying.

It’s definitely not. I look alot at the temperatures and configured hardware and software. My card never gets over 68 degrees on full load.

It only happens if I max out water quality.

For a couple of weeks ago I saw a post about this in another forum and it turned out his graphic card was dying.
Try running 3DMark and see what kind of scores you get compared to others with similar setup, I’d recommend talking to your retailer about it first to see if it would affect your warranty in any way though.

I gonna test something else first. I think I had this problem only if I was on my own dedicated server, gonna test if it also happens on regular servers.

EDIT: I tested it on regular server and got no errors on waterquality 2. I also tried it on my dedicated server again and at waterquality 2 I get the error again.