maxof2SD hacking

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of charliemurf" - postal))


Are you joking?

That says maxof52D genius.



Clearly of the gentlemen in the video.

haha he made a new account JUST to post this in case he got banned. Clever boy.

Or he just made an account because he had no prior reason to use Facepunch at all.


ban max


A decent try of impersonation.

Name of his YouTube Channel. Corequestgameing… Says it all :wink:

Reason for making a new account is because his “elliscrane” account is permabanned for “missed hacker report thread, posting in all bold, won’t read the sticky”
Afterwards he made alt account “elliscrane123” and it got banned for “crap thread/missed the sticky”
This thread doesn’t surprise me at all.

It says S. Not 5.

Don’t feed it :confused:

kingpinky is hacking with aimbot