May 10th 1940

Original without SDof :

Feels way too clean for a warzone. Especially since one guy is already dead. More debris and chaos.

The guy furthest right is posed a little awkwardly as well but this is a really good pic from you, Hauptmann.

Nice work, and the German on right is covering right? Poor :c. But, nice work Kamerad!

To be fair, you’re certainly getting better. The posing on the guy hugging the wall on the right is pretty awkward still, but the posing on the gunner is spot on.

Did they use MG42’s in 1940? Nice posing anyway.

It’s MG34.

No, MG42 stands for Maschinengewehr 1942.

Bonus :

You are my favorite WW2 scene maker. :3

I see some isolating error there.

Don’t use the dod:s germans, they’re pretty abysmal quality wise.