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I disagree. As far as I know the alex fork of source 2 (which is what s&box using) did follow the map limitation in source 1, but the engine itself did actually could support a larger map size (Iirc l4d3 is going to be a open world shooter, so there must be something related to open world stuff still in s2, like level streaming and stuff, alyx build did get a incomplete implementation ).

Plus, making open world stuff is definitely something hard, but not rocket science nor require a recode due to the reason I mentioned above.

Regarding the userbase, instead of saying “this is not worthy to make cuz it only appeals a small userbase”, but let’s say it is because there isn’t a proper support on large levels, so the developers have to chose other platforms, like unreal engine. A large map support would definitely appeal the RP community, I mean who wouldn’t mind to have a larger map for a better, more immersive role playing experience. In short, adding large terrain support could allow the game to expand its target customers/player base to a larger number.

Unreal engine is excellent in large terrain games, but meh in modding. Gmod is excellent in modding support but large terrain support is non existent. I hope s&box could adopt the advantages from both worlds.

P.s: for dependencies, I think garry could make an automatic packaging tools like how web developers had(webpack, snowpack or vite), which helps modders to package all the required assets or codes into the addon/gamemode. No one likes missing textures, but no one also likes pasting code by themselves :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks amazing!

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Loving the character and world choices.

2 questions I have currently:

  1. With it being source 2 will the VR capabilities of HL Alyx be accessible in this? I would love to see many VR gamemodes etc on this.
  2. Not aware of the limitations really with source 2 but is it theoretically possible to have maps the size of GTA?
  1. Read the conclusion of this very own blog. VR is planned.

  2. Not yet at least, but garry stated in the past that he’d like bigger maps so that people can create gamemodes that require them like (examples he used) rust and pubg.

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ayo lets go! keep it up

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Great progress so far

I really do not agree with the idea of getting rid of dependencies, I feel dependencies are good when used correctly, basically do not have a library that only one addon relies on. but I feel not having dependencies is just going to end up with addons taking on unnecessary bloat and remove choose from users, for example without dependencies I cannot allow a user when downloading a map to choose between lower resolution textures and higher resolution textures or lower poly models and higher poly models, or to opt out of pure vanity. And to be honest do not feel like downloading the same CS: GO textures or any other textures every time I download a map because someone felt the need to use them textures. Or a map series where I must download the same models and textures repeatedly because they cannot rely on one set of textures and models. Yes, dependencies allow dipshits to make a boat load of addons that rely on one another but that does not mean that you should get rid of them because a lot of people use them correctly and properly and do not make one addon that relies on a library that no other addon uses. I don’t know I hope I am wrong


I cant wait for people to port all of the Half-life 2 assets into the game once this releases. XD

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Yesssssssss. Bring on the VR!

I really like the concept you are putting forward with a realistic world with cartoony characters. Like some others have said, I think this will be beneficial when looking down the line with the future of VR, and will allow a contrast to help the gameplay be unique. As someone who played on certain Garry’s Mod servers purely based on the quality of their player models, I cannot wait to see what else you all have planned!

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I support you.

Good Job :blush:

Need this.