"May God send tribulation upon ye, bastards! His light shall burn your heart of darkness!"

Good or bad, I felt I had to do this. Once again inspired by The Dark Tower; only this time, it’s inspired by the alcoholic priest with troubled faith: Father Callahan. I don’t know much about him right now but that’s irrelevant to the picture.

Inspired by (but not attempting to duplicate, too much [in that regard I have failed miserably]):


Black Bars:


Alternate Edit w/o black bars:


Notes (Yeah, I thought they died in a fire too):

  • I wish citizen faceposing was as flexible as Left 4 Dead’s characters. Here, in comparison to the picture of inspiration, the face truly lacks emotion.
  • I know the picture that inspired mine is in The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower, but I don’t know what is really going on. More importantly, what it is he is holding, why? and yadda yadda. For my picture I made it like he’s holding some magical medallion shizz. So, fellow Dark Tower fans; don’t get angry at the difference. I haven’t gotten that far yet.
  • It’s not smart to point out all your flaws, when it comes to replies. But, his left arm, yes, I know it looks ugly; with that blockyness and shit.

I may do more over the weekend. I don’t know. Hopefully, I can make something and take some careful time to do some better editing and whatnot (since you know…).

Comments welcome.

I like it, original and good. However, his tie looks pasted on.

Not sure which edit I prefer. I quite like both.

This is awesome

Thankee sais.

Is he holding a lightbulb?

It’s like, some medallion or something. Dunno. :stuck_out_tongue:

no i remember this

wasn’t it a turtle shell or something


Naughty naughty.

:o i thought it was in the start of the book where he does this


father callahan was badass though




To clarify Kracker: The picture of Father Callahan takes place in the seventh book. I, on the other hand, am currently reading the fifth book. Therefore I have no clue what the picture means or what is happening, just that it looks cool. And yes, Father Callahan is a badass.

I like the 2nd edit better, but the 1st gets the Whelan’s picture down better.

Call me daft, what does that mean exactly?

Michael Whelan illustrated the original.

Ah, of course.

Awesome. Really.

I wish I had done mine back when I read it.