May I delete my PHX folder?

Since PHX is added to garrysmod, is it safe to delete my Phoenix-Stroms (PHX 3) folder in \addons?
The current revision: 158.

Will I lose something or has PHX been FULLY integrated into garrysmod (spawnlists, tools, models, materials […])?

~ PotcFdk

If you remove PHX, you won’t have the tools and the maps from the SVN.
Otherwise you can safely delete it.

Not a massive problem really, the only useful tool was Easy Precision, which should be easy to find standalone.

…so THAT’S where Easy Precision was coming from…

now I can finally end those complaints…

Speaking of which, i removed my phx in addons, but i still have duplicates in my spawnlist. Wat to do?

Same here, I just deleted my lua, addons, and material folder, it fixed.