May I please have a Rust Game Beta Key =Please Read=

Hello I really would like to have a “Rust” Beta key to try out and play

1.I have played multiple apocalypse games and this looks very good and intresting.
2.I know lots of people who love this type of game and would love to hear feedback from a friend.
3.I could give you lots of info or ideas(if you want) And I’m a friend of a youtuber who if i show the game may ask for a key to make videos.

Please consider giving me a key because I LOVE THIS GAME it looks so good.

My (Just in case it’s not on my profile).

(User was banned for this post ("Crap key thread/didn't read the sticky" - postal))

You’re going to get banned.
I joined this whole rust forum thing about 2 days ago and even i know that.

Hi welcome to the forums!
Please go to this thread!
Have a nice day!

Hey don’t do that because your going to get banned. When i ask for a beta key, I got banned for begging

The irony.

Why should they give you a key? You just created your account, and have not participated in the contest.

There is so much wrong with what you’ve said.
“I LOVE THIS GAME it looks so good.” You made me laugh.
Just because you’ve played games doesn’t mean anything.
Screw your friends.

tl;dr should have read this first…

lol every time its a 12 year old who acts like he could be super useful

Why you are not going to get a Rust Key:


  1. You joined to ask - I mean beg - for a Rust key.
  2. Reason 1 will get you banned, very swiftly at that.
  3. Your reasons blow harder than a Thai whore.

I love how many people are predicting the ban.

Isn’t predicting a ban a bannable offense, and aren’t we technically posting in a banme?

I’m dying for a key, to show the people here in Brazil.

I joined two hours ago and I even know this.

Who is this famous youtuber?

I’ve never been a fan of the “certain age and postcount required to make threads” until I visited this subforum

Only way to obtain a key is to draw and picture and hope you can win from what i know