May ragdoll public beta

So awhile back somebody ripped a model of May (from pokemon ruby/sapphire/emerald) from I believe a mod for one of the GTA games. Anyway RTB was pretty busy working on his 6th pack (and has yet to wake up from when he passed out upon its release) so I decided to try and ragdoll it myself. This is actually my first ragdoll and it’s not finished yet. This is just a public beta to show how much is done, I’d appreciate some feedback. The model is under models/pokemon/trainers/

There are some texture glitches around her neck and wrists. It’s not fingerposable yet unfortunately. But it’s still a ragdoll of May, it also has a blue texture just for the heck of it.
fix texture bugs (ALMOST)
Fix any other bugs malamite points out.
add fingerposing (WIP)
add more eye textures (FINISHED)
Spawnlist (FINISHED)
Anything in the todo list marked “(FINISHED)” has been completed but is not included in the beta as it was done after this release.

Looks nice, but SHIT, MANGA AGAIN

…Did you use skingroups or is it seperate models with different texture?

thanks for this ragdoll

Seperate models.

You should use skingroups. It’s more optimal and it’s just a few lines in qc.

Thanks for the tip, I just added that to the qc so it’ll be in the final.

Sex poses ahoy :v:

I knew that was going to happen. There goes my childhood. Again.

It’s a character from a Japanese video game what the hell did you expect?

@OP Some of the joints look a bit awkward in the second screenshot.

making sex poses with this low poly model wtf?

He could headhack it onto a model more suited for that type of thing.

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Thought I’d show off some more textures, her eyes can now close and she has three outfits. I also fixed a few texture errors.

These will all be included in the final.

“May” trainer model.


There’s a lot of issues with this thing. Some bizarre bends (hands, feet, legs), some lack of bends (back, neck), clipping and jagging and distorting everywhere (especially at the head)… and what is up with that left arm?!

It… it needs more work. :<

You did a great job asteroidrules, can be a no perfect model? yes, but anyways is better than nothing. Thanks for your efforts

I agree it has plenty of issues. That’s why it’s a beta. Not entirely sure what you mean by the left arm, please do tell. The low-polycount I can’t do anything about. I will edit the joints some more and try to fix the strange movements. Her head is a bit messed but because by the look of it that area didn’t get assigned to the bone 100% correctly, I’ll see what I can do.

That’s why I’m debating about adding it to gmod, yet. Currently, it is in my folder where all my gmod files wait for their destiny.

It’s a first-time ragdoll. It’s not like it’s gonna kill your gmod/computer/family.

I’d hazard to say it’s more of an alpha.

The left arm (meaning her left arm, not the arm camera left) does not bend, and immediately sets itself in a position reaching behind and below her. The hand can move a bit, but you’d be hard-pressed to flex the elbow, let alone the shoulder. It doesn’t even look like you tried posing it in your preview pictures outside of its bizarre “default.”

Yeah, there’s some imperfections in the head assignments. But even colors look like they’re off.

(Sorry about the extra stuff; I got carried away with the stylus.)

Due to those mis-assignments, flexing the head does disturbing things to the hair and collar. But wow, her neck moves in unnatural ways too.

And yes, please look into the bend limits and polygon assignments. This looks like an unfortunate human being:

As mentioned before, the back does not bend.

My apologies if this is sounding a bit rash. You mention that it’s your first ragdoll, and that’s more ragdolls than I’ve made, so kudos on that at least. But this is quite an assignment, seeing as most Pokémon aren’t expected to be so versatile or mobile, and I get the suspicion that it’ll take some time to get in proper working order.

And you know how I get about details on these sorts of things, so don’t take things too personally… ;3

I meant I’m not sure I’m ready to use it in my screenshots.

I’d wait. I’ve already made quite a few improvements on this version and intend to release the new version soon.

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Thanks for pointing out the bugs. Although I think drawing on it and the “mercy killing” was a bit over the top. Looks like the head’s joint is messed up. The leg joints I think I already fixed and as soon as I reinstall the SDK I’ll do my best on that arm.

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Working on adding a neck joint. For some reason her leg joints are acting up in hlmv.

Meh. I had to have some fun with it somehow. If you don’t find some form of enjoyment in what you do, there’s no sense in doing it.

Plus I was feeling a little cranky at the time, and needed something to crack myself up.