Maya, Cinema4D, 3DS Max, something else?

I’m looking into getting into modeling and would like to know what program would be the best to learn?

Blender is the popular choice among beginners and hobbyists, but it’s better to start with 3DS Max or Maya as soon as possible if you can get a copy of it.

I am a semi fast learner depending and I much rather just dive into what I should eventually be using anyways. Any specific things 3DS max or Maya have over each other?

I remember one of my classmates did a presentation on the main differences between the two. From what I could tell Maya is more character-oriented, while Max is more of an all-around thing.

But then again I don’t use Max that often and I’ve only used Maya for five minutes, so I can’t really tell for sure.

3dsmax best

I’ve only used max for like 5 mins and Maya like occasionally. I like Maya over Blender though.
You can get a student version of autodesk products.

Ive used Maya for over 2 years and 3ds Max here and there…and from my experience Maya makes my workflow much faster because you can have your own toolbox with individual stuff

pick one. they’re pretty damn different from each other in UI layout and you will not be bouncing back and forth. i know max has plugins for lots of different games. i don’t know how maya stacks up.

All 3 (4 if you also include lightwave though that’s horribly out of date now, but has cool layers) are really interchangeable to some extent (there’s some differences like bones in 3dsmax being actual objects and not in maya and stuff like that, the 3dsmax modifier stack).

The main differences are in the UI in my opinion. Which is probably the biggest issue behind blender - the UI blender uses just seems to follow no rhyme or reason and is very specific to only blender and not other programs as well.

Maya and 3dsmax are closer to what one would consider standard program UI.

There are many. Depends on your own honest opinion… 3DS Max’s interface is ok, but a bit confusing. Blender’s interface is eek and I can’t do anything but import and stare.

If you ever want to put your 3d work on a resume, you should pick max or maya. 3+ years ago, it would have been an easy answer: 3dsmax, but Maya has been making great strides in becoming a go-to product for film and game modeling. There are a ton of tutorials, plugins, and resources for both, but you should pick a specialty in one.

I think I’ll get 3ds max and maya and just see which one I end up liking the workflow of better than, thanks for your input everyone!

After 6 years working with, it’s Maya for me. Which ever program you chose, i strongly suggest that you familiarize with the layouts and basic functions first.

If you choose 3DS Max my tutorial series will get you up to speed quickly:

the tutorials look great…

I feel like I am one of the few that uses cinema 4d.

C4D is great actually. Just not for game stuff