Maya experts-creating rig/bones/weights and copying it to a new mesh?


I wanted to see if the following was possible. I did something for a fallout 4 armor mod that i just finished and i think it might be similar.

So lets say i have a head mesh that has no skeleton, bones, armatures, weights or anything like that. Its just a mesh that i created or imported and it doesnt have anything but verts, faces and textures. I use Maya to create all the needed items to be able to pose the facial features on the head. I dont know what the Maya specific terms for those things are, i think i do but not going to mention them to avoid confusion. Those of you that know how Maya works know the proper terms. So with all that stuff in place is it possible to copy all the skeletons and weights to a different head model?

Similar to that? i did an armor mod for Fallout 4 and some of the steps i had to do are in that video. I created a mesh completely from scratch. Then i used the nif skeleton and copied the skins, influences and weights over to my mesh. Is it possible to do the same thing with a face skeleton/bones/whatever that i created too? i have a head mesh call it HEAD MESH A, i put a skeleton in the head and weigh the head mesh A so that i can face pose it. Then i import a completely different head mesh which is HEAD MESH B. I copy the skin weights, bones, and all the stuff from head mesh A to head mesh B so that i can also pose head mesh B.

Can that be done with Maya? or if will i have to completely re-rig and reweigh the new head mesh from scratch even if it has the same exact dimensions and contours?