Maya Export SMD Plugin Doesn't work?

Okay, I’ve been searching for an answer to this the past hour.

I’ve seen many guides on getting the smd plugin to work in Maya.

I’m using Maya 2012 64 bit, i read in a valve article that the valve plugin files for maya don’t work with 64 bit…

Okay, now I have found this which is the closest to working, but still not working. I don’t know how to use Maya and it’s only exporting the skeleton.

I’m using the one at the bottom by DT85 at the mirror, the discussion for it is down, and the original website for it is down, but if someone knows how to use it. It’d be great.

Anyway, I saw this thread:

Which the op seemed to have a 64 bit.

From this website:

I got the importing smd to work.

But what I really need is to be able to export a smd consisting of a skeleton and a mesh together, because no other format seems to be able to do that.

Anyway, it’d be really great if someone has a working smd exporter for autodesk maya 2012 64bit. Has to be this program, version, and 64 bit.

So no one models with maya for source??? Jesus