Maya ? in rust ??? + secret pictures !

Secret civilization in rust?

Secret exit:

in the pyramid:


bonus: :dance:

village on a mountain top:

Tree house :v:

Very cool build!

the treehouse stuff is not quite as nice as gryms, but love the mayan styled build and the mountain tops;) good job!

Beautiful! That is what Rust is about man. Perfect.

Absolutely amazing. I love it!

Absolutely awesome Mayan Temple :smiley: Great job!

What you did hère is very very impressive! I love it!
I was wondering if it would intérêst the rust community if i made à website for “prefab” buildings like that.
I already made à copy-paste plugin (on oxide), that allows you to copy Any building + deployables into à file, that can easily be shared after that.
Dont know if you are willing to share, but it would be à Nice way to keep your building éven after à wipe or a forced update wipe.
Dont know what you guys think about that “prefab” website, but i’d love to hear your opinions.
I see so much beautifull creations that disappear after wipes and i féal like it should be saved and not go to waste.

I build buildings … it’s for fun, I’m a crazy architect …
If I can saved and shared my building that does not have a problem.
The problem is that I am on a server running via pluton ^^
I am French, which explains my beautiful translation with google translate :slight_smile:
(Some buildings are under contruction)

How does the Copy Any Building mod work? just curious. i could save my tree house builds

Nice zuggurat you have there. It’d be a shame if something were to happen to it…

made a video of how the copy paste works

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@eyraser you can always switch to oxide to copy and save your stuff then switch back to pluton :wink:

that’s actually pretty cool. is it an admin tool, or do you need the resources to build the house?

it’s an admin tool. you just do /copy NAMEOFHOUSE
and it detects the entire structure of the house with all deployable, bags and inventories (inside the deployables) and saves it into a file.
then when you paste it it pastes the house (depending on the angle of view of the copy, so if you copy facing the door, when you paste it it will paste it accordingly)

I finished my tour “solar” I upload the screens tomorrow with an “up” :smiley:

aha will be waiting to see it :slight_smile:

Awesome builds, love the temple!

My next project (after wipe) this is football stade :slight_smile:

This is my WTF ? solar tower x)

Use CTRL+ mouse wheel (for zoom+/-)


shadow in tower :open_mouth:

Build time= 5hours :v:

nice :wink:

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if i were you i’d save them before tomorrow :wink:
probably a forced wipe tomorrow.

I haven’t access encoding, Or plugin of my serveur for save, i am just small modo with 2-3 commandes :
But You can find me on the modded community serveur: (ETH)