Maya, Model Import Issues with Body

Hi, im working in Models specially atm extracted ones from Far Cry 3 to bringing the to SFM working with a Friend together.
Theres an Issue with the Models Body between Fingers, Hands and Necks having a sort of seperating differing Color between.

Heres a Screenshot:

Im working with the Models in Maya because everywhere else they cause Issues like UV Map not showing etc. This Issue isnt
caused by the UV Map, the Models have Issues with the Face because of half UV Maps what ive fixed. This Looks like seperated,
and i need help to fix that because i dont know what causes this. Its maybe the UV Maps and im on the way to seperate the Model
to look after it but this will need time. If someone has knowledge with the Far Cry 3 Models in Maya i would like to have your help, thanks.

Btw theres another Issue with the Models from Far Cry 3, the Hair of the Models dont have really Textures, they are transparent
and White, dont know how Ubisoft done Color into the Hair but i think i can fix that with Photoshop but if anyone knows a fix for
that i would appreciate it.

Heres a Screen of that aswell:

Files where originally extracted, xbg and xbt files with Gibbed Dunia2 Tools.

I also get this weird cuts in 3DS from other Models what are extarcted like from Dark Souls, please tell me what that is that i can learn to fix this, thanks.

Sorry second link was wrong and pics are now for public, i really hope someone can tell me whats up there with the mesh and why it looks cut at the fingers etc. thanks

Btw whats ! Important ! I dont Need to know how to fix it, i only need to know whats causes this on the “Original” files no convertion has happended.