Maya to Garrys Mod?

Hey guys, I haven’t posted a comment here in a while so it’s with regret i post a help topic, but anyway…

I model in Maya Personal Learning Edition (Which is compleatly free) and just finished my tank model:

Anyway, i was wondering how i get the model from maya to garrysmod… do i export to a specific file type?

Any information will be appriciated!

the ple can’t export that model into a smd due too it been the free version and having half its functionality removed, and as i remember the plugins i used for maya don’t actually work ya best bet is doing what i do and find a .obj exporter for maya, import into max and then just use the smd plugins from that then its guranteed too work.

It’s a little tricky on the first try.

  1. Go to Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager. Find “OBJExport.mll” and tick “Loaded” and “Auto load”. This is to allow exporting to OBJ format. You will not have to do this again if you ticked “Auto load”.

  2. Make sure your model is combined, you’ve frozen transformations, the pivot is centered and your history is cleared. (Mesh > Combine, Modify > Freeze Transformations, Modify > Center Pivot, Edit > Delete All By Type > History)

  3. Snapshot your UV. IMPORTANT: The name of your UV HAS to be the name of your model.

  4. Triangulate your model. Go to Mesh > Triangulate. This is to insure your mesh will not become broken when exporting.

  5. Export to OBJ. Go to File > Export All… > Select OBJ from the drop down menu. Make sure you create a folder on your desktop and place this into that newly created folder. The name of the folder does not matter.

  6. Use This wonderful program will take the OBJ and convert it into an SMD. All you have to do is drag the OBJ into the EXE and it’ll make an SMD for you.

  7. Follow this tutorial to compile the model -

  8. Good luck!

Thank you dude! :smiley:

I know this is an OLD post, but I’m new and my question is basically the reverse of this.

I found Mass Effect meshes here for GMod, but I don’t have GMod. I was wondering is there anyway to take the files that I have downloaded (the .vtx, .vvd, .mdl) files and change them to be imported into Maya?

Download source sdk and use mdldecompiler to turn them into .smd’s.

Interesting, the only way to export from Maya to Source I was aware of was using Prall’s exporter, which kinda sucks. I haven’t been able to properly import a model from Maya to Source yet, so I might give this a shot. Thanks.

Whoa, thanks for bumping this! I’ve been trying to use the exporter in 2011 since that’s what I got from university but it didn’t work, didn’t know there was an obj to smd exporter. Very useful. However, what about animations?