MAYA to GoldSrc method

Ive been learning a bit of Maya and noticed that it does not seem to have a native GoldSrc export support but ive come up with a method that works by converting Source Engine SMD’s to GoldSrc.

First install MESA Source Engine tools:
(For later versions of MAYA modify the .bat install files to recognize the version year)
Then get Lossy’s modified version of PeteTheGoats converter:

**Reminder that GS does not support tiling UV’s, max 512X512 per texture sheet, and has to have hard vertex weighting (no blended weights) so keep that in mind. More info here. **[/t]

Go to SMD options and go through this checklist

Generate paths. Be sure you have saved your maya file to the projects or else this wont set up properly!

Layers setup

Set up layers ready for export. Be sure to have your mesh shape expanded like so.
Then hit the “FULL COMPILE” button

After hitting the “Full Compile” button the files will wind up here in “modelsrc”. Remember you don’t need to convert animation SMD’s unless your are changing underscore node names.
For 8bit indexed conversion you can actually follow my GoldSrc texture tutorial, its same thing only without WAD’s:


Finished result (as a monster_generic entity):

Also some GoldSrc MDL resources if needed:
QC code guide
A guide on MDL troubleshooting compiles
Modern HLMV
New&Improved goldsrc Studiomdl.exe