Maybe a good idea; probably not

Okay, I’m a terrible artist, so I can’t really draw/model anything, but I thought of a few interesting things. If one of the new biomes has some type of radioactive/luminescent mushrooms, it would be neat to see them as a low quality source of light (such as on the end of a stick, like a makeshift torch, for lighting up your house, etc.) Or, as a bow improvement have a circle of metal affixed to the bow with 3-5 bone splinters, and on the end of each splinter, a small piece of mushroom to help you see as a sort of sight. Kind of like this (I know it looks terrible, I know xD):

That, or possibly an enemy covered in mushrooms in caves during the day (comes above ground at night) that will glow brighter when it is attacking, or go dim when following you. When killed, maybe you could harvest the mushrooms from it, attach wiring to the nerves on the mushrooms, then power them using a power source (if ever added to the game, such as a wind/watermill/generator or something) to make them glow as a way of lighting up your house. Probably a terrible idea, but I figured maybe somebody would get a kick out of it, with the whole mutant idea really coming up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea of glowing mushrooms, at least as a source of dull light. Rust should have some herbs to craft medicine and make poison for arrows, knives, traps …

All hateful,spiteful, rancorous players like me use overlay sight or something else. Therefore “Bone with Mushrooms” is a verygood idea for the honest players.

according to the interwebz vac bans you for using these. you are using mumble overlay?

I am not so hateful,spiteful, rancorous to use cheats ;), Сheaters - losers. I’m just Trying to get an equal chances to win.

It’s more like hardcore cheating vs softcore cheating. But to the OP’s point, I like the no targeting design concept. It’s a primitive bow, perhaps make a craftable sight or improvement for later but it shouldn’t be on the first bit of stick and string you put together.

I do not know how to fight it… For example, make the spread or wobbly camera. Or take the Outback proposal about “Bone with Mushrooms”.

I think you’re right, in that people can say “don’t cheat” until they’re blue in the face but unless you remove the incentive for cheating people will continue to do it. I think some amount of spread as you mention in the “baby’s first hunting bow” could make a lot of sense and reduce the effectiveness of overlays. “Bone with mushrooms” could indeed be some sort of craftable add-on, I guess I’m just saying I don’t want to see it as default.

Bow is a very powerful weapon, if you have sight. Especially for the static target even if they are far away. One hit, one more shot of a gun or with a stone - you’re dead. After the latest updates bow cooldown appeared (maybe bug, maybe feature). This is to some extent overcame but not eliminated completely this problem.